How to Memorize Multiplication Table

How to memorize multiplication table

Mastering Multiplication: Effective Strategies to Memorize Multiplication Tables


How to Memorize Multiplication Table Multiplication is a fundamental concept in math learning. It’s a skill that we use in many aspects of our daily lives, from calculating expenses to determining quantities. Therefore, mastering multiplication tables is a crucial step in developing strong math skills. This blog post will guide you through effective strategies for memorizing multiplication tables, making the process of learning times tables both fun and engaging.

The Power of Skip-Counting

Skip-counting is a simple yet powerful tool in multiplication mastery. It involves counting by a certain number, such as 2s, 3s, or 4s. For example, when skip-counting by 2s, you would say “2, 4, 6, 8, 10,” and so on. This strategy aids in memorizing multiplication tables as it helps you understand the patterns in multiplication.

Practical Exercises for Skip-Counting:

  1. Count by 2s up to 20.
  2. Count by 3s up to 30.
  3. Count by 4s up to 40.

Rhymes and Songs: Making Multiplication Melodious

Music is a powerful learning tool. It can make learning multiplication facts more enjoyable and memorable. There are numerous multiplication rhymes and songs available online that you can use. You can also create your own multiplication rhymes and songs to make the learning process more personalized and fun.

Popular Multiplication Rhymes and Songs:

  1. “Times Tables 1-12 Song” by Numberock
  2. “Multiplication Tables Song” by Mr. DeMaio
  3. “3 Times Table Song” by Kidzsmart

Game-Based Learning: Multiplication Can Be Fun

Game-based learning is an effective way to make learning multiplication more engaging. There are many multiplication games available online that can help reinforce multiplication facts in a fun and interactive way.

Top Multiplication Games for Kids:

  1. “Timez Attack”
  2. “Math Card War”
  3. “Multiplication Grand Prix”

Multiplication Worksheets: Practice Makes Perfect

Regular practice is key to remembering multiplication facts. Multiplication worksheets provide a structured way to practice and reinforce multiplication facts. They can be used to track progress and identify areas that need more practice.

Where to Find Quality Multiplication Worksheets:

  1. Homeschool Math
  2. Math Is Fun
  3. Twinkl

Structured Drills: A Systematic Approach to Multiplication

Structured drills provide a systematic approach to learning multiplication. They involve repeated practice of multiplication facts until they are committed to memory. This method can be particularly effective for those who prefer a more structured learning approach.

Tips for Effective Structured Drilling:

  1. Start with the smaller numbers and gradually move to larger ones.
  2. Practice regularly, ideally daily.
  3. Use flashcards or worksheets for practice.

Flashcards: A Classic Tool for Memorization

Flashcards are a classic tool for memorization. They can be particularly effective for learning multiplication facts. You can create your own set of multiplication flashcards or find printable ones online.

How to Use Flashcards for Multiplication:

  1. Write the multiplication fact on one side of the card (e.g., “2 x 3”).
  2. Write the answer on the other side of the card (e.g., “6”).
  3. Review the flashcards regularly until you can recall the answers quickly.

Handy Tricks and Shortcuts for Multiplication

There are several tricks and shortcuts that can make multiplicationeasier. For example, the “nines trick” is a popular method for multiplying by 9. It involves holding out your fingers and folding down the finger that corresponds to the number you’re multiplying by 9. The number of fingers to the left represents the tens place, and the number of fingers to the right represents the ones place.

Other Useful Multiplication Tricks and Shortcuts:

  1. Doubling for multiplying by 2.
  2. Adding the number to itself for multiplying by 4.
  3. Halving the number and multiplying by 10 for multiplying by 5.

Making Learning Fun: Creative Ways to Learn Multiplication

Learning multiplication doesn’t have to be a chore. There are many creative ways to make the process more enjoyable. For example, you can incorporate stories into learning multiplication or use multimedia resources such as videos and apps.

Creative Ways to Learn Multiplication:

  1. Use multiplication stories to help visualize multiplication problems.
  2. Play multiplication games to make learning interactive and fun.
  3. Use multiplication apps for learning on the go.


Memorizing multiplication tables is a crucial part of math learning. With the strategies outlined in this post, you can make the process more enjoyable and effective. Remember, regular practice is key to mastering multiplication tables. So, keep practicing and have fun learning!


1. What is the best way to memorize multiplication tables?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question as different methods work for different people. However, a combination of skip-counting, rhymes and songs, games, worksheets, structured drills, flashcards, and tricks and shortcuts can be effective.

2. How can I make learning multiplication fun?

You can make learning multiplication fun by incorporating games, songs, and stories into your learning routine. You can also use apps and online resources to make learning interactive and engaging.

3. How often should I practice multiplication?

Regular practice is key to memorizing multiplication tables. Ideally, you should practice daily until you can recall the multiplication facts quickly and accurately.

Remember, mastering multiplication tables is not just about memorization. It’s about understanding the concept of multiplication and being able to apply it in real-life situations. So, keep practicing and have fun learning!

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